Some time you can relax the most crazy places. These guys did it in the middle of the fairway.

                          Photo from Littlebelt 2010 

Fiskerbåd lige før solopgang

"Fishing boat in Sunrise"

Photo from just before sunrice.

Photo from Geltinger Bay in Germany in July 2019.

Pollen på vandet! tryk og se et større foto

When you are traveling alot on the sea, you can sometimes see some strange things. Here we see a large amount of pollen.

Jellyfish with long tentacles, in brejning harbour in Denmark. Some times they can be in very large amounts

Jellyfish with long tentacles.

 Photo from Brejning Harbour in Denmark.

Vessel from The Nile in Egypt april 2010

One of the speciel vessels you can meet on river "Nile" in Egypt.

                              Photo from Egypt in 2010.

Store mængder vandmænd

Jellyfish can be in large quantities some times. This photo is from Danish waters near Vejle.

                            Photo from Vejle July 2013.

Tryk for et større billede

Sunrise an early morning in our own great harbor in Brejning.

Photo from one morning in Brejning.

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