Funny raft on The Schlei In Germany. Push to see bigger photo!

This funny vessel was sailing on The Schlei in Germany when we where sailing there  in August 2012. 

Pedal driven fishing vessel. Push photo for bigger.

"Pedal driven fishingboat"

Advanced with sonar, camera and other modern gadgets.

Photo from Eckernförde Bay July 2019  

The bridge on a egyptian cruise ship is an experience

"The bridge" On a egyptian cruise ship is some kind of exsperience.

Push to see more photos.

Fuel vessel seen on The Nile in Egypt.

Primitive fuel vessel photographed on the Nile in Egypt.

The ship i was on, did get fuel from that one.                             Photo from April 2010.

"Ringholm" in Kappeln Germany is an old fishing vessel from Lofoten

"Ringholm" An old fishing vessel from Lofoten in Norway. Which has now ended up as an art project in Kappeln Germany. 

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